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OVC Boosted by Series of House Parties

Thanks to Eric Smith and all the fine people that attended the event Friday evening at his home: it was a great event. We raised some money for OVC and at least one more person agreed to host another event. Special thanks to Brent Turner for his organizing efforts.

Importantly, for our campaign, we met quite a few new people. There were about 20 people there that I had not met before. Attendees included Debra Walker, candidate for Supervisor in the 6th district. Also pictured above are Brent Turner and Eric Smith, who is running for Supervisor in the 10th district.

Luke Thomas of the Fog City Journal was there and took quite a few pictures.

The attitude here was all positive. Yes, we can!

The next event is at the home of Eve Matelan in Sunnyvale Sep 18th. Christine Pelosi will speak for us at our Oct 1st event in San Francisco. We are looking forward to building up a schedule of many more events to gain consensus and momentum for Open Voting.

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